Getting Ready for the Big Show!

Ashley (my girlfriend who from here on in will be known as Ash) and I have began the ever so important pilgrimage of watching all the Star Wars movies in preparation for Episode III's release. I've seen the first three (episode 4, 5, 6) countless times, Episode I more than I'd like to have (about four viewings) and Episode II only once fully.

The fun part about watching them all again is that Ash has only seen the first one in it's entirety and that was a long time ago. It's awesome to watch these movies with someone who has fresh eyes. We've only watched the original movie so far, but she's full of questions and anticipations for what's to come. My favourite is when she asks, "So who's Leia going to hook up with? Luke or Han?" At this point I bite my lip and tell her to just wait and she'll find out. Now, because she lives in our society and hasn't been locked in a basement cellar, Ash does have some basic understanding of the Star Wars saga. She knows Vadar is Luke's daddy, and she knows some of the creatures and characters such as the Jawas (known as Dinks from Spaceballs). But many of the little features like R2's wittyness and cutsey emotional beeps is being discovered for what seems like the first time. It lets me almost watch it vicariously again for the first time.

-- Side note: While checking the spelling of Leia's name on Google, I stumbled across this little web site about Leia's outfit. Classic.

But, one can never go back and have a clean slate. So, I'll never be able to watch Episode I and be sorely dissapointed (except for the pod race), and never have the thrill of listening to the Ewok's celebration music on fresh ears. "Yub nub!" I've always been a bit of a geek, but the beauty is seeing that Ash is a little bit of one too. I think a lot of people would like this type of genre if they'd just watch it and enjoy the story for what it is: A good adventure saga.

As for my expectations for the Episode III, I have to admit that I have high hopes, but I'm still wary. The trailers look super cool, but Episode I and II just didn't quite do it for me. Maybe it's just all the computer animation, but it doesn't have the same quality that the first three were produced with. I did like Episode II a lot more than I, but it just isn't on par with the first series.

I guess I'll find out in a few weeks (and no I'm not going opening night, or week. I'm a geek, but I'm not retarded enough to stand in line for two hours with the uber-geeks). I'll wait for the hype to settle down and plug my ears until I get a chance to go.

Well, I was planning to post something else tonight, but content is still being developed for that. If this blog does become bitched over the next week or two, just relax. I've started desinging graphics to suit my tastes, but it will take a little while to get it fully functional.

Smell ya later,


Blogger Pilot said...

Shawna brought the boxed set of the Trilogy WIDESCREEN on DVD into our relationship. This is why I want to marry her.

Check out my blog, you're mentioned. (evil laugh)

6:19 PM  
Blogger Pilon, A said...

Ya, me and my freinds plan on going to Episode three but sadly I agree that it won't be as good as the original three.....George Lucas just doesn't have the talent anymore. I also have the trilogy but it ain't widescreen, a well, you take what you can get.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Soulfood said... guys are sick. For some reason our family watch 4-6 IN A ROW on Christmas. It was so horrible. I had to take a break after I think 2 of them. All I know is I got back in time to see the cute teddy bear guys.

Anyway Nathan...since you probably have no idea who I am...I'm the 3rd Pilon...the female geek of the family.

6:42 PM  

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