A New Beginning

Here is my first post:

I figured it was about time that I got myself a Blog. I have a lot of stupid crap to say that no one really cares to listen to. So what better place to vent my thoughts than on a blog. This will hopefully remain a buried jewel amongst the treasures of the internet that friends can cherish and revisit time and time again to find out what good ol' Nate is up to.

Being that this blog is primarily about me and my life, I am sure that it be will excessively boring. You might hope to find news, ramblings, pictures, home video, and hopefully a blomic (blog comic strip) will be developed. But, this is starting to sound like a retarded "first post" post. All promises of great things to come. I'll end here by saying visit often. I hope to keep on this thing. We'll see if I do. And leave comments. I like to feel needed. I do intend to change all the graphics and personalize this mofo, but I'm sure it will take some time. So be patient, and content will arrive shortly (don't hold your breath).

/Nathan out.


Blogger Pilot said...

Woohoo First post!

Looking good so far. Just remember to keep at it. The first four months are a bitch as you find out what people want to read and what you want to write. Play with the format and have fun.

I'll feature you in my next posting on Pilot's World.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Binns said...

Thanks for giving me a post Pilot. It will be tough, but I do honestly hope to keep on this shit.

5:16 PM  

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