Shut Up!

As I walked through the mall tonight Darth Vadar passed me by. I honestly thought he would be a little bit bigger. But nonetheless, he was out to support his reappearance at the opening night of Episode III. I would like to see it right now, but I imagine the hour wait to get a good seat surrounded by more people like Vadar isn't worth the hassle. I am patient and can wait another week to see it. I did the same for the last two LotR movies, and it didn't adversly effect me.

But this post is a formal announcement for everyone to please keep their pie-holes shut and not tell me anything about the movie. I like to walk into these things not knowing all the stupid little details, because if I know some little fact, that is what I'll spend the whole time looking for. An example with Episode I, is when someone told me to look for the Wookies and ETs. Oh, and don't forget Willow too. Then I was sitting in the theatre watching this movie like I'm looking through a friggen Where's Waldo book. All I ask is that I experience the movie just like the rest of you hardcore geeks that had to see it the first night. Blissfully unaware of what you are about to experience.


Blogger Pilot said...

When Obi-Wan and Anakin are duelling if you look really hard, in the background, you can see Yoda mastubating over Padme's nude figure.

Watch for it!

8:50 PM  

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