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I've been doing more reading of online comics than actually developing my own as of late. But just like writing your own song, it sometimes helps to see what others have done before you. What works, what dooesn't, and what you can steal and get away with. I've noticed a few little tricks here and there (blue pencil sketching is awesome)that will help me get started, but this comic thing is about as much work as I figured it would be. And if I do it the way I want, it's a lot of work! Not that I'm complaining, even the little bit that I have done has been a lot of fun to put together, but it takes a lot of time right now for me to produce these abominations. I'm still struggling with a style (which you can see if you compare the comics posted) and each comic I'm doing I'm approaching it with a different angle. This means thinking, deciding, and a shitload of preliminary sketches before I can lay some solid lines down. At some point in time, my goal is to produce three comics a week. Two black and whites during the week (say a Tuesday/Friday thing) and then a color comic for Sunday. But right now, I'm going to be happy if I can get one a week done. If I take my time, I hope to get things right from the start.

The other thing I noticed about these web comics is that these guys have huge archives. Penny Arcade and PvP are just a couple of great comics with an insane volume of work. What I need to realize is that these guys have also been doing this for years. I hope to one day have a repertoire of material like this, but give me a little while, and I'll get there.

If I might jump ahead a bit, some may ask,"So...Is this like what you want to do for a career perhaps?" Right now I'd say no. It's just a hobby at the moment, a side project, something to fill a small void in my life. If the Interweb gods smile on me and it does produce a small amount of popularity and I can make a few bucks, well sure. Why not. I mean, what else was my training in high school drawing pictures of ugly retards (students and teachers alike) meant to produce. I've pretty much have forced my path in life to produce something like an online comic. It all adds up and I think it's cool. Now if I can only get past my laziness and procrastination, I might do great things. But a final answer to why I'm even embarking on this drawing quest, would be to say I'm doing it for me. To see if I can do it. And if a few of my friends get a laugh out of it, then I have been successful.

Now, to bring your attention to the new blog feature, look to your right and you will see the "Blomic Archive Drop Down Menu" (triumphent horns please begin). This is designed to cope with the outrageous and incomprehensible volumes of work yet to come. The way this blog site is structured (which is great for blogging) it helps to efficiently archive your blogging into previous months. The design effectively eliminates any ease of searching for something that happened not to long ago. And, how I'm not overly concerned that my readers study my past texts (however interesting and rambling as they are), I want them to easily pick a comic and go straight to it, without having to sort through pages of links that generally discuss my boring life and what my fart smelled like three months ago (by the way, it was delicious). I still have to work out a scheme for back and forth buttons, as some comics will work in series, and having to go to the drop down won't always be as useful.

So, have fun with the archive menu, please let me know if you find a bug (a.k.a. dead link) and let's cross our fingers for a new blog for next week. It'll be a gooder.



Blogger Pilot said...

Good idea with the drop down... I thought about making a best of type drop down for mine.

3:35 PM  

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