Another Disappointment

So it seems that I didn't get a blomic done for this week. I basically spent the whole time sketching characters that may or may not appear in future strips. As a consolation prize, I'll be posting a collage of my sketches that I have worked on. They are very rough, but will give you an idea of the artistic style that I have almost worked out. I still have some technical issues yet to work out, but I am almost 100% on how I'd like to do these things. First step (which you will see in my preliminary drawings) is the sketching stage which is done with my handy-dandy Wacom tablet and Painter 8. Next, is to take the rough sketches and trace the lines and fill in the color with Illustrator. I will also make up the text bubbles here as well. Then, it will be onto my old pal Photoshop to compile all the frames into the extravaganza that will be known as a "Subablomic Comic" (you may also to refer to it as the "intolerable-shit-you-get-in-your-internet-cache-while-surfing-the-web").
Right now I'm getting ready to head off to Gayburn to do that roofing job I had previously mentioned that got cancelled due to thunderstorms. But I'll have them sketches up by Sat. for you all to drool over. Please place a towel over your keyboard to prevent any damages*.

*Subablomic is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your software and/or hardware. By reading this, you have waived all liabilities and have promised your vital organs to be harvested should the creator of Subablomic need and/or want them for his own organ replacement due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and/or his whimsical pleasure.


Blogger Pilot said...

So my sister posted these comics her friend drew about her. I was crying I laughed so hard... check e'm out!

8:59 PM  

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I know this looks dumb. It's just a test graphic.

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