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With a little ingenuity, I've sidestepped my file type limitations imposed on me by and To host the wonderfully animated flash banner you see above you, I had to find some way to host .swf for free. With a brainfart last night, I came up with the idea to open a Geocities website. They provide 15mb of space, and basically allow you to build whatever web page you like (as long as you don't mind a bit of overbearing advertising). But I really didn't care, seeing as I just needed someplace to sit this file and access it with a url link. I've found that you can do a lot of stuff for free on the internet if you have the ambition to look around and set up accounts left and right. And, a lot of these freebies are customizable if you can hack apart the provided HTML (I'll thank Mr. Pilot again for his help).

As for the animation, it wasn't too difficult to achieve, but it took a little drudging of the memory banks. It's unbelievable how much junk one forgets when one doesn't use it. Man, I used to be unbelievable with Flash. Well, let's say pretty darn good. I was all into actionscripting (the backend coding junk), manipulating movie clips, drag and drop features... I mean, I've seen a lot cooler stuff out there then I've ever done, but I think I got fairly proficient with that program. That was back in '02 with Flash 5. Now we have the new fangled Flash MX with its unsightly usage of tool bars and menus. I find it almost impossible to operate the god damn program without a secondary display set up. You either have no space for the main stage, or you're constantly maximizing and minimizing windows. I think if I ever seriously get back into flash I will be able to do away with the extraneous items, but being so rusty and unfamiliar with the program itself, I'm not sure what I really need up there.

Till next time...enjoy the flying electrons.


Blogger Pilot said...

Yeah.. hacking opens up a world of possibilities....

7:21 PM  
Blogger Soulfood said... the possibility of getting sued. Good thing you live in Canada.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Pilot said...

Not real hacking, just like little mini hacks... nothing illegal, just aboe the intended use... like puting a booster rocket on the roof of your Pinto.

7:14 AM  

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