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(Sorry about the poor quality. I had to resize it with img settings. I don't have photoshop on my comp. yet, and I'm not sure where the disk is either. I'll have her fixed in a couple days. Bear with me, but I figured a blog was well over due.)

This is a comic about my buddy and his Battlefield 1942 antics. I personally have begun to develop a passion for the online gaming (which I had ignored for a long time), but I doubt I'll ever develop a passion for the online community. It seems that one half is a bunch of hardcore assholes and the other half is a bunch of n00b retards that don't know what the hell they're doing. And they make your gaming experience shit because of it. I am exaggerating those figures a bit for effect, but there are a lot of them. And when these people get in your group or on your team, they really take the fun out the whole game. Maybe that's why I don't do as much group work in WoW. I've had a lot of bad experiences with idiots or people that make me feel like a stupid n00b because I don't have a handle on all the inside tricks. On the other hand, a really good group that works together makes the game almost ecstactic. Everything is easier and more enjoyable. The grinding (in WoW) is taken out for the most part (or seems to be taken out). Things get done and that wonderful sense of good team effort and accomplishment sets in. The way these games are designed, one person can't do it all. And that's good. It should be designed to encourage grouping with others, or what's the point of an MMO?

I would more or less call myself a n00b for the most part, even for games that I've been playing for months. I really am a casual gamer that enjoys to step out of my mundane life and frak some guy with Anti-Aircraft rounds or kill troll after troll to complete some quest. It's a past time for me. Other friends of mine (this guy included) take things a little more seriously, but in a quasi-healthy way. They don't get too worked up over the other assholes and it only dominates a small portion of their life. I wish I could be more hardcore about some of these games (WoW especially), but I am hard pressed to find the time, energy, and patience to become one of the l33t.

/I wasn't going to write much cause it's late and I'm tired. I have a roofing gig to do in Weyburn, and it's going to be an early morning tomorrow. But I'll enjoy being outside for once and doing some real manual labour. It makes me feel good to get my hands dirty once in awhile. I prefer to get them dirty with pencils and other art junk, but roofing tar and tiny shingle scrapes are o.k. in moderation.

Till next time...


Blogger Pilot said...

I hate the word n00b and l33t.. and really it makes me wanna kill anyone who uses them.... I guess I'm just a n00b

7:32 PM  
Blogger Binns said...

I use those words just to sound like I do know something about online gaming. l33t or 1337 pisses me off. I guess I have been known to say n00b, but I really do try to use real words and sentances when I talk online.

7:59 AM  

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