What The F%@K?

Ok, so I need more channels or something. Maybe Spike needs to get a few more episodes of CSI, 'cause I seen 'em all too many times. But whatever, I ended up watching Canadian Idol. The competition for the most part doesn't seem too bad, but Ash had pointed something that both Ash and myself feel is very odd.

Some may remember, some may have tried to forget, and some don't really give a shit, but I believe it was before the turn of the century, and after Mmmbop, a band called The Moffatts had existed. Now this family of gay rock music had experienced some success. Their success quickly faded, much like the gay stylings of the Hanson brothers, but it seems that one Moffatt just didn't get enough.

This is Dave Moffatt.
Pictured left in his glory days as a teenage rockstar.
Pictured right is his new plan to reclaim his former glory: Singing his heart out for the for retarded Canadian Idol judges. Or is it just that his mouth is permanently stretched out from sucking record exec cock. I don't know, you decide.

The point is, this guy was once "successful" in the music biz. Shouldn't this contest be open to those people who haven't already had recording contracts?; people who haven't already had an opportunity to be in the limelight?; people that haven't been Canadian pop icons yet? But the way shit's going these days (I will refer here to the grand shit splattering of the new Backstreet Boys comeback (sorry Ash)), I guess he gets another shot too. But honestly, I think if you are washed up by the time you're 21, you obviously didn't have the talent to do it the first time around. You got lucky, were at the right place at the right time, pleasured the right man, whatever. Does lightening strike twice? I guess we'll have to tune in to see Mulroney make an ass of himself to find out.


Blogger Pilot said...

I'm voting him off the island

7:50 AM  

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