Distracted Doodles

I get distracted easily. As I was drawing out the basics of my comics (I have three started, none finished), this freaky looking kid walked by and made me snicker. I figured I should draw him, as you don't see living, walking, geek caricatures every day. There might be some slight exaggeration in this representation, but I'm serious when I say that it is not that much. This kid really looked like this. I imagine he might of been maybe 9 or 10 years old, so he's got a long life of solitary computer usage, years of cruel teasing and beatings, and a few experiences of awkward rejection and utter defeat of ego and self-worth as girls reject his creepy advances. Keep your chin up nerdo (or what lack of chin you have) and keep on truckin. Anybody that has known me for a long time can tell you that in my Junior High days I was a geek living on social scraps tossed to me from my slightly more popular friends. I grew up and look at me now. Right? RIGHT?! I'm cool now! Chicks dig me! Whatever, I'm going to go draw my comics.


Blogger Pilot said...

I just remember you beating up Rob alot. Guess you must have known even then that he and your sister would end up... oh he he....

Anyway.. no Nathan... you're so COOL. And coming from a geek like me that must mean alot.

6:29 PM  

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I know this looks dumb. It's just a test graphic.

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