Introducing: This Guy!

I believe after making crappy sketches after crappy sketches of a portraiture of myself, I have come to the realization that my physical features do not translate well into an interesting toon character. I really had no desire to have this guy look like me, but it was worth a shot. There may be some slight alterations (as in clothing, the eyebrow ring) to this character, but overall to me, he looks like a snide, sarcast, son-of-a-bitch. This is what I was going for. This character is the one to point out all the flaws of society, human nature, and other people's personal flaws. This drawing, believe-it-or-not, was actually first drawn with a pencil, then inked with actual ink. It's unbelievable, but with enough practice, it is possible to create a comic strip (or sketches as this case presents) without Photoshop and Painter and a Wacom tablet. I still prefer the latter method, because I have more tools at my disposal and there is always the undo button. I leave the pencil and pens for when I go back to U of R in the fall.

Which is a nice transition mind you to let you in on a little idea I have been cooking up. This grand scheme involves the two web comic heros (fart guy and dude pictured above) that depicts their trials and tribulations at a generic university. The tall lanky guy is studying in visual arts, and his roomate/friend since grade 8 is going for his engineering degree. With this "oddcouple" scenario still loosely based around geek culture, will now be more related to university jokes. This shift in story line (the one I had originally planned in my head) came from picking up the Carillon (the U of R weekly newspaper) and reading the comic strip section. To say the least, as I have said every other time I have read these strips, is that the humor occassionally contains a chuckle, but the art is sub-Ziggy. I was drawing shit like that in Grade 7. I don't want to come off like an ass (even though I am) but damn. If you want to write a comic and can't draw, find someone who can and just be the writer. But, I don't want to get stuck on that tangent.

My plan is to put together a few strips with these two guys and approach the Carillon about publishing them in their wonderful weekly paper. I am still going to maintain this website and all comics will be posted here as well. I have my suspicions (SP?) that I won't be able to use full color, so expect a lot of black & white. This is fine, but I'll probably still color them every once and again for this wonderful blog. I don't know if it is my own insecurities or delusions of grandeur, but if I'm going to really work on this comic, I want an audience that will read it. I know that if you are reading this, that makes you my audience. But I've pretty much have figured out everyone that is a frequent guest here (thank you for your patronage by the way) and if I'm lucky, that number of frequent viewers is approaching ten. By publishing a comic in the Carillon, my reader base is going to be a lot more. I'm not saying that the whole campus is instantly going to fall in love with my comic. I have a feeling that there is going to be many people that will in fact hate it and either won't get the jokes, or will be offended by them. I have no plans to water down any content. I plan to rip on international students, talk about getting wasted and fucking some fat chick, demean Vis. Arts majors by describing them as light-loafered flaky hippies. Engineers will be thus described as beer-swilling, egomaniacal assholes. And the admin girls will constantly be getting harrassed by both sides due to owning breasts. This comic is based on two idiots that are going to University. That's where the story line will follow. If I get edited (which I highly doubt I will from reading previous news and editorials) I get edited. If they tell me to tone it down, then I'll see if it is worth it. Family Guy was successful because the would make racist statemeants without actually using racial slurs. They would make fun of any and all handicaps because if presented right, it can be funny. Wording things right, they got away with a lot of vulgar sexual humour as well.

I better quit typing. I woke up from a bad dream (I've never had a more stressful night of sleep) and couldn't fall back into uneasy slumber. Now it is 5:50 am, and I need more rest. Coming up next blog: An MSN conversation with my buddy in which I explain some of the other complexities that will be this stupid comic.



Blogger Pilot said...

Your readership could DOUBLE!

11:42 AM  
Blogger Pilot said...

Your readership could DOUBLE!

11:42 AM  

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