This is the sophisticated art that I had been picking away at all summer. This is a copy of an Albrecht Durer sketch of an old man he was using as a study for reference for a future engraving. I believe the completed engraving was entitled "St. Jerome in his Study", but I might be wrong. I'll check it out and fix it if I am. Anywho, the background story to this is that it is supposedly the oldest man that he had ever found on his travels and wanted to draw him. I think the old man got bored from an extensive sitting and started falling asleep, but the expression is classic nonethless. Durer himself is most famous for his Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse woodcuts, and I have been enamoured and inspired with his talent and skills ever since I discovered his work in high school.

The next step to this project (now that I believe I have somewhat figured out how he did what he was doing) is to then draw a portrait of the oldest man I know. This man what I refer to as an adopted grandfather. His name is Ed Conrad, of Weyburn Sk, and I believe he is now 91 years of age. He might be 92, but I'll have to check on that. The only problem with Ed, is he doesn't have that many wrinkles or a huge, curly beard. The pose I have of him (taken with my digital camera) is still a thoughtful one that I think reflects his quiet, caring personality. I am also trying to catch something of a wise but tired look as well. I don't know how it will turn out. I do have the first sketches down, and I have started filling in his eye, but I think it's too big already. But I'll finish it, and if I don't like it, I'll do another one.

I was also happy how the picture turned out. I took it with my digital camera with no extra lighting other than the sun coming in through a large window in my studio. As for the materials I have used, I chose a grey-toned paper and used a 6B pencil for the lines and white and grey conte crayon. Durer's original piece, I believe, was done in black and white ink. It was hard to get an exact replica because the differences in materials used, and I believe his was a lot smaller. Mine measures approx. 11x14, maybe a bit bigger. Just from looking at the size Durer's strokes which I believe to be done with an ink nib, and the fact that it was a sketch, I have come to the conclusion that his was more like an 8x10 or smaller.

Please enjoy, and if you would like a high-res image for wallpaper, or to make your own prints, let me know and I'd be happy to send them to you.


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