I Shall Thwart Thee!

Ok, I won't. But blogger.com will help. You will now see in my comments that you have to punch in a verification thingy. This is put into effect to block the recent outbreak of spam posts that I have been getting. I'm sorry to hinder you with this extra step, but in the end it will save me that agony of having to clean up my comment section.
Thanks to Pilot for giving me the tip for protection.



Blogger Soulfood said...

Yeah, I don't mind. I like trying to sound out the crazy non-words that pop up.


12:11 AM  
Blogger David Roman said...

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That's right, you heard me!

Check out www.latinohunks.com and sign up today. 1 million customers can't be wrong!

(okay, so my spam was cooler than most, meh)

9:53 AM  

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