Wow, I still have a blog.

Man, almost 3 weeks without a post. And this one will be short. I promise. But it will be a heads up for a more elaborate post for tomorrow.

I have seriously been swamped with work through my two studio classes. Printmaking always has some little project due for next class and I just finished my first Intermedia project and presented it this morning (which went surprisingly well). The past week has been the worst. I've pretty much been at the school from about 9:00 - 9:30, or if I go home earlier, it's just to end up working on crap there.

Other than the fact that it is a little physically and mentally draining (being hit so hard so quickly) I really can't complain. I'm working with two mediums that I have really had no previous experience with. Some people that know me will say that I've done intermedia stuff, but I haven't. It's a different art form that I haven't even touched on. Yes, the digital tools are the same or quite familiar to what I've done in the past, but the approach to the project is completely different.

Well, I'm getting more sleep now. It's amazing how much I treasure it now so much more in the summer in which I had more than I wanted. I managed to actually sneak a nap in this afternoon. It was awesome. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep, but when I closed my eyes, I was out. And had a very strange, intricately confusing dream as well. My nap dreams are pretty lame, and most of the time non-existent. But I've found it before and am discovering it again, that if you like to have vivid dreams, deprive yourself of sleep and study something that is completely new to you. I think it's the brain coping with both sleep deprivation and new neuron connections that does it.

Till next time,

     Tuesday, September 06, 2005
     A Response To Pilotsworld.

This was going to be a comment on, but I decided to make it a post. You can read his original post here that inspired my response.

It's true. What did cause the riots? Was it the hurricane? Lack of food? Because, last I checked, they didn't store food in shirts and shoe boxes. They don't keep blankets in electronic stores. The shops with busted windows didn't seem to be any less flooded than some homes, so it wasn't to find a dry place to stay safe.
This hurricane has taken an underlying social problem that can generally be controlled by policing. But due to the disaster, the rules change.
The question I'd like to ask is this: Would this situation of rioting and anarchy happen in Regina were it to be hit by a natural disaster? I'd like to say no, but I wonder. If I lived in poverty and had the chance to make my life a little better by looting some items (that would eventually be destroyed by the disaster anyway), why wouldn't I take it. I wouldn't be able to get it any other time. I'd like to say I wouldn't do it, but if I was the person living in North Central with a bad habit for whatever drug comes my way, my story might change. It just sometimes takes some tragic things to make the society realize what they are capable of and that problems do exist.
We'll take the example of the surge of American patriotism after the disaster of 9/11. I've never seen so much flag wagging and other patriotic dribble ever before. I'm not saying that being proud of your nation is a bad thing (because I'm quite proud of my nation) but it was almost to the point of mass fanaticism. Every public event that followed shortly after would somehow work the message of standing firm in the face of travesty and blah blah blah. Other private citizens took it on themselves to insult and shun Canadians and French for "their lack of support". But what I don't think a lot of people realized, is that this was just a symptom of a serious national affliction. These people were scared out of their fucking minds. The show of patriotism was just a screen to prove to terrorists that nothing they could do would shake the foundations of what made the good ol' US of fuckin A so great. But I think that underneath it all, they were scared. Scared for what they had done in the past to piss these people off. Scared for the other countries they had pissed off and wondering if they would do anything about it. They were scared for what their Commander-in-chief was going to do next. But we won't let anyone see it. We will stand proud, and united.
Now to bring it back to the hurricane, the symptom is shooting, looting, and all the other crimes that are going unchecked after the storm. The problem is poverty. These people were down to begin with. And from what I've heard (and my sources might be questioned) they didn't have much help to get out. They piled some in a stadium and others just had to fend for themselves. So is what they're doing is surviving? Yes and no. But they are taking what may not be deserved, but what society prevents them from having in the first place. Do I have a solution. Fuck no. I don't have solutions for any of the great world problems. But I do like to recognize things for what they are. I guess it's the first step to solving a problem.

     Back to School

Yessss! I've been waiting months for this day. Maybe some might call me a nerd, but I can't get enough of university. As I write this, I've only attended one class so far. But that's enough to get me going. At the last moment, I decided to switch from Ceramics to Intermedia. The reason for the switch was so that I didn't get swamped with work. This evening I will be starting Printmaking, which I hear is fairly labour intensive (lots of overtime needed). And that's the story I hear about Ceramics too. I'm not afraid to work hard or long hours; I just don't want to be caught in a situation where I have to much to do and not enough hours to do it.

Intermedia looks very interesting. I mean, it definitely appeals to me for a couple of reasons. A lot of ideas I have for an art piece generally has movement to it. Thus video projection. The second most appealing fact is that it will feel a little more like I know what I'm doing. I know that a lot of what I've learned from my SIAST course will help me out here. It's going to be a completely different product from what I made at SIAST, but some of the technical stuff will be the same. I plan to go ape-doody with Photoshop for my slide presentation. Really blow some socks off, man. But, if I do use the computer lab provided, I'm going to have to shed my evil Windows skin and get out the old Mac leisure suit. That suit is pretty wrinkled and moth-bitten, but once I slip into it, it'll be like I never took it off. I just thank Jebus that they use two-button wheel mice. I mean seriously Stevie J., just suck it up and realize that the world needs more than one button.

Aside from the digital designs that I look forward too, the course subject should be interesting and lead to creative explosions. The basic idea is going to be about how we can represent ourselves, and what it means to be me, and maybe how others view me. It's going to take some thinking outside of the box to come up with some ways to portray how I think of myself, but I like the challenge.

The instructor, or prof it you prefer, is gonna be cool to work with. His name is Lee Henderson and he is in the final stages of completing his Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). It's kinda weird that he's my teacher, because for one, he's fairly young (which really doesn't matter in my opinion) and that I would've considered us on fairly friendly terms before I entered his classroom. Because my sister is an Intermedia major, I was always hanging around there and she introduced me to a handful of artists. Lee was one of them, and we liked to talk about computers (cause they're cool). But honestly, as time went on with my last semester, I started to see Jon (my instructor for both studio classes) become to be more of a friend than a teacher (although I think he always maintained the level with all of us that he was the teacher).

Well, I'll give another detailed acocunt of my other classes as I enter them. I'll finish the first-day run through by tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and in case you guys didn't guess, now that I'm in university, this blog will probably now be mostly of that stuff. But don't worry, a particular person will still get a prize, and if I have time, a comic may float around every now and then.

So long suckers,
Till next time.

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