Congrats Aaron and Kelly

I'm proud to say that my brother, Aaron, had his second child yesterday. That makes me UncleX2. Ava-Jane, was born sometime in the middle of the night in Winnipeg. Just a little under 7 lbs, everybody as far as I know, is healthy and happy. I hope to get a pic of the new baby soon so I can post it for the world to see. Failing that, I'll offer you a picture of the neice I already know, Chloe.
She's so cute. I believe this is a pic of Chloe's 2nd birthday. In the back is Kelly, Chloe's mom, my sister-in-law. I think you can sort it all out.

On another note, I'd like to announce that the Brick sucks ass. We're supposed to get a chair today (that we've been waiting for a month and a half for), but instead, get a phone call saying that they forgot to ship it out of Edmonton. Dealing with these guys has been frustrating from the moment we signed for the shit. I do not recommend the Brick to anybody, and I hope to hell I get something out of all the bullshit they've put us through.



Blogger Soulfood said...

What's wrong with you?? When there's a new baby, we need to know full name, length in inches, exact pounds and ounces, and the exact time of birth!!!! Oh,'re a guy, that's what's wrong with you.

Anyway, congrats!!!


4:35 PM  
Blogger Pilot said...

he can also only se in 16 colours like our old computer

so he doesn't know what fuschia is.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Pilon, A said...

Man, that teddy bear...Shanna used to have one just like it, it was pink...I think mom just threw it away a few days ago.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Soulfood said...

WHAT!!!?? My pink teddy bear!!!! Auntie Vic gave us that! Just like our Smurf...dammit!!


7:19 PM  

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