I'm busy. Intermedia assignments, Printmaking to work on, painfully boring art history and a big fat English paper due on Friday (maybe I should start on that).

Yeah, it's been a busy semester so far. I apologize for lack of updates, and I refuse to promise one. How about I post my first print making stuff for you? Should be done early next week. Is that good enough? Will that sustain your blogging hunger? You people are animals. You make me sick.

Go check out Kat's blog. It's fresh and new. It doesn't have the stale, musty stench of my moldy, stagnant blog. Oh, and I bet you people are so lazy you want a link eh? Well, fine. Link. She's gonna have some good stuff there. Should be seeing some of her artwork pop up soon.

Later. I'm going to bed. Or get drunk. Whichever comes first.


Blogger Soulfood said...

Aren't you going to put her link on the sidebar??? Or at least mine??? I comment regularly. And I won your contest and still haven't received my prize.


7:36 PM  

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